Ahu Serter: I was one of the two daughters of an industrialist family. Our family had not witnessed a boy child for five generations. I didn't break the rule and bring 3 daughters to the world. As a mother of three daughters I always felt the urge to do something for women. I was raised in a family with wonderful women but woman was still one of the biggest social problems in Turkey. The best thing that i do is to make money. I embraced the problem of women's economic empowerment and decided to start a social initiative. My third daughter was named after Arya Stark, a strong girl from the early parts of Game Of Thrones. The name of the social enterprise would be Arya. The year was 2013..
Münteha Adalı: I'm the eighth daughter of a family from Urfa. Meaning of my name is the last. We moved to İstanbul in my youth. I graduated from Anadolu University, i worked at bank and, i started my own cleaning company. I worked in organizations such as KAGİDER. I saw that i could make an impact on people and i wanted to expand this field. The year was 2013.
Deniz Duygu: After studying mathematics at university and doing auditing and finance for four years, i started my first job as a social responsibility project. I transferred it to my partner two years later. I had experience in corporate, entrepreneurship and social responsibility. I was thinking about what ı could do with all this. The year was 2013.


Ahu: I met Deniz when looking for a company to invest. I want to invest in women entrepreneurs, i'm looking for for someone to study them financially, i said, would you work with me ? She accepted. At that time i met Münteha, who lived in the same building and knew each other from afar, in the elevator. Our past experiences were very different, we were impressed, we approached each other like opposite poles.

Münteha: The three of us gathered at Ahu's house one evening. Our goal was the same: Women will start their own businesses, we will find investment in them. So we will make the stronger. The of them started to write things on their computers. I'm an action woman. I want to act now. "If you don't raise your head right away, i'm leaving ." i said. Of course i didn't have to go. I was at the right place, where would ı go?

Deniz: At the beginning, we set ourselves a lot of targets. We have seen that it is not easy to reach them in our country where economic shocks are never missing and we have reviewed the targets many times. There were many reasons to close the shop, we chose to resist and continue. So we could touch many women.

Arya grow over the years. Invested 2 Million Euro to 7 startups. More than 600 entrepreneurs in more than 5000 events.Interacted with 22,000 people via social media. Added more than 5000 women and women-friendly men to the network. It's 2019. We are stronger together and we keep going ,


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